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Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

e.Life S2 – 16/05/2021

Welcome to Week 4 of e.Life Series 2

press play on the video then spend some time in the devotion questions or study guide (click link) below.

Devotion Questions

Read 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Obviously what Paul is saying here has limits. Clearly here, he does not mean for example, ‘to the drunk I became a drunk, or to the thief I became a thief, or to the sex worker I became a sex worker!’ So what is he saying?

  1. What is Paul prepared to do in verse 19 in order to win people for Christ?


  1. What is his ultimate reason for doing this in verse 22 and 23?

Wrap up – Paul’s desire is for all peoples to hear, know and respond to the gospel and be saved, and in this he is willing to forgo his own freedoms, rights and desires. This does not mean that he is willing to forgo essential Christian responsibilities, or obedience or morality, but he is willing to forgo human categories and his own individual rights and comforts for the sake of others.

We also must note that this passage leaves no room for flexibility with the gospel message. The flexibility is with the messenger, and not in any way with the gospel message itself.

Application – Think about one friend or neighbour you have who does not know God.

  • Do you think they may already have a deep longing for more than their current worldview offers?
  • Who is it this week that you can simply begin or further develop and build your relationship and friendship with?

For Tips and further book recommendations, see the ‘Full Study Guide Link below

Book recommendation #1 – How to talk about Jesus (without being ‘that’ guy). This is a short, clear and very practical book written by Dr Sam Chan on how to go about living the everyday Christian life being intentional about sharing Jesus. It provides a good overview and examples on how we might begin to share Jesus to all the different types of people we know in each of its unique relationships. So good!

Once you have finished the devotion questions this week, spend some time thinking of some people who don’t know Jesus that come to mind, and spend some time in prayer asking God to work in their life.

If you would like to go even deeper, access the full study questions below:

Deeper Study Questions Click to Open