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Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

e.Life S2 – 23/05/2021

Welcome to Week 5 of e.Life Series 2

press play on the video then spend some time in the devotion questions or study guide (click link) below.

Partnering with each other in the Gospel

Not all of us are evangelists, but as we have seen both in this e.Life series and our sermon series, all of us are involved in mission and should also be ‘ready to give an answer’ for the hope we have. But do we have to do evangelism alone? Is it possible to share Jesus with those we know, but in a way that we do it together?

Sam Chan in his book on evangelism[1] speaks about the concept of ‘merging your universe’. It picks up on the idea of doing life in a way that brings your non-church friends and neighbours into a space where they interact together with your church friends.  An example of this is something as simple as a BBQ or movie, including an invite to both your church and non-church friends – our universes colliding.

Read John 13:34-35

  • Jesus calls us in John 13:34-35 to an active, sacrificial love for each other (see also John 15:12-13). What effect does this love have on those who see it in action?

Read Acts 2:42-47

  • What effect did the first followers ‘active love’ in this passage have on the wider community in v47?
  • Do you think these passages provide a good reason or basis for “merging your universe” with church and non-church friends? In what ways?

Wrapping it up – There are 3 key benefits of “merging your universe,”

  1. Your non-church friends see other Christians living out their faith.
  2. It provides another opportunity and possibility for a conversation about Jesus (a church friend may even be a gifted evangelist!).
  3. And this one is key, an opportunity for them to see God’s people simply living out life in in a way that shows their love for one another.

Application – List 3 ideas of where you might be able to start in bringing your church and non-church friends together.

[1] Chan, Sam, How to Talk about Jesus (Without Being ‘that’ Guy), (Zondervan: Michigan), Mar 2020.

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