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Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

e.Life S2 – 09/05/2021

Welcome to Week 3 of e.Life Series 2

press play on the video then spend some time in the devotion questions or study guide (click link) below.

Devotion Questions

The context of Acts chapter 4 is that Peter and John have just healed a lame man. What then follows is Peter goes on to tell all who see this man who is now leaping with joy, that it is through faith in Jesus that God has made this man well.

  • Bonus Passage – Read Acts 4:1-3, 18-21.
  1. Do you think Peter and John would have been afraid as they stood before the Jewish rulers and elders?
  2. What is it that the first disciples pray for after this encounter in Acts 4:29?

It is amazing to see Peter, the same man who denied Jesus three times out of fear, now boldly speaks about Jesus even in the face of great threat to his life. What is it that had changed in both him and all the other disciples that is key also for us?

  1. In Matthew 28:20, Jesus gives the amazing promise to be with His disciples to the end of time.
  2. Read 2 Timothy 1:7-8. Why should we not fear or be ashamed of Jesus?
  3. Read Ephesians 1:3-14. This passage contains so many wonderful gifts that we all have now IN Christ.
    • How do just even verses 13 and 14 help to give us boldness and courage?


  • Do you think having a deeper understanding and grasp of the gospel and who you are and what you have in Christ will increase your courage for sharing Jesus in a hostile world?
  • Will you pray right now, for courage and boldness to share the message of Jesus?

Once you have finished the devotion questions this week, spend some time thinking of some people who don’t know Jesus that come to mind, and spend some time in prayer asking God to work in your life and in theirs.

Finally, if you would like to go even deeper, access the full study questions below:

Deeper Study Questions Click to Open