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August 2019 Update

Dear East Freo Church family,

I hope you have been enjoying getting into the incredible book of Revelation as much as I have over the last few weeks at church.  Revelation presents a great challenge with its amazing descriptions, its powerful exhortations and its contemporary relevance to our lives.  I have found it particularly rewarding to consider the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and to be inspired to see the present reality in light of the unseen future reality.  Just as the famous hymn goes:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in his wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace

Yes I know – easy to say, hard to do.  But the truth I am beginning to experience in my own life is that when we take the time to remind ourselves of the glory of Christ it does have the power to encourage us in our faith and give us great hope for the future.  Even when our faith is under great pressure, we can experience God’s presence and blessing because of Jesus Christ.

One of the areas we have experienced God’s blessing recently is with the July Holiday Kids Club program.  When my family and I first joined the church in September 2017, I was told of the excellent reputation our church had in terms of the holidays kids program known as Construction Zone.  It was therefore with great excitement that we restarted this tradition in July this year with the newly launched Holiday Kids Club program.  One of our goals from the outset was to make sure the program was sustainable and achievable given the size of our church.  To this end, we targeted a smaller group of primary school aged children and opted for a 3-day program instead of the full week.  We praise God for the 30+ children that attended and also for the 30+ volunteers that helped out!  All in all the program was a great success and so we look forward to running it again next year.  A big thanks to all the volunteers and also to my wife Caren Forlin for organising and running the event.

As we continue to move forward together in faith, we will celebrate Father’s Day soon on the first weekend in September.  After that, we have invited Cam & Kath Beeck to come and share with us about their work among the Yawo people in Mozambique.  It seems that God is opening a door to very effective ministry at this time for them so we look forward to hearing more about that.  We will also have a visit from Kathy Sinclair from Baptist World Aid to let us know how we can get more involved with the mission of the wider church both locally and abroad.

We are also pleased to see the Fresh program continue to freshen up our church building.  The aircon units in the church auditorium are being raised this week in order to enable us to control the temperature in the auditorium better.  Following this, the church auditorium is booked in to be painted during the October school holidays.  We are also rolling out further renovations to the rooms next to the hall near the church kitchen.  While these rooms will always be multi-purpose rooms, we are primarily aiming to provide a quiet and private location for mothers to feed their infants.  We are very thankful to Stepping Stones for sponsoring the renovation to these rooms.  We believe these changes will continue to freshen up our church and enhance many areas of ministry so we praise God for enabling us in this area.

Finally, we are very excited to see some new small groups starting up in our church.  We now have a young families group, a few young adults groups, a Sunday prophecy group, a weekly ladies craft group, a weekly adults group and a fortnightly women’s group.  Hopefully in due course we will have 1-2 more groups starting up in the local area as well.

May I leave you with the blessing of the Lord as we embrace the rest of the year ahead, taken from Numbers 6:24 –

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
The LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

Ray Forlin
Senior Pastor