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Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

e.Life – 15/11/2020

Welcome to this week’s e.Life devotion! Click on Play below.

Devotion Questions

  1. What is the first answer that comes to mind with the following statement;
    • I will be more fulfilled and complete in my faith if __________________________.
  2. There are particular words/phrases repeated often throughout this passage,
    • What are they and how do they help us understand the key idea God wants us to grasp?
  3. Verse 10 states that, in Christ we have been brought to fullness. How does this help us answer question 1?
  4. Those who trust in Christ and his death and resurrection can have complete assurance that ‘in Him’ they have everything they need for faith and salvation. What is Paul’s main call for the Colossians and for us today? (ref v6&7).

Once you have finished the devotion questions this week, spend some time in prayer together thanking God that you have come to know Christ and for everything you have in Him.

Finally, if you would like to go even deeper, access the full study questions below:

Deeper Study Questions