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e.Life – 08/11/2020

Welcome to this week’s e.Life devotion! Click on Play below.

Devotion Questions

      1. List all the words that speak about Paul’s striving in ministry? (1:24, 1:29, 2:1)
      2. What do we learn about the content of Pauls’ message (1:26-27)
      3. Does Paul say why he does all this? What is his reason and goal? (1:28, 2:2-5)
      4. In the sermon this week Pastor Ray mentioned 3 marks of a faithful servant of Christ, that faithful servants;
        A. Endure FOR Christ     B. Proclaim the mystery OF Christ     C. Depend ON Christ
        * Which of these strike you the most and how can you put them into practice in your life?

    Once you have finished the devotion questions, please continue by pressing play on the video.

    Finally, if you would like to go even deeper, access the full study questions below:

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