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Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

Kids Church Online – May 3

A Lame Man is Healed

Read the Bible
Acts 3:1-10

Watch a Video

Discuss Together
Describe the different thoughts and feelings that the man would have had through these 10 verses.

Things To Do
Kids Activity Sheets – colouring, crossword, spot the difference, and wordsearch.

Fun Idea
Roll a dice and do the following activities if you roll the number…
1) Count to 100 as fast as you can
2) Touch 2 things in the house that are BLUE
3) Do 3 Star Jumps
4) Count to 4 in Italian (une, due, tre, quattro)
5) Hop on your right foot 5 times
6) Throw a ball and catch it 6 times

Thank God for 3 different things.